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Weatherproof \Weath"er*proof`\, a. Proof against rough weather. [1913 Webster]

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weatherproof adj : able to withstand exposure to weather without damage; "weatherproof electric wiring"; "a weatherproof coat" v : make resistant to bad weather



  1. capable of resisting damage caused by the weather


  1. to make something resistant to damage caused by the weather
Weatherproof is a 2003 EP by American hip hop artist Cage. It was released on Eastern Conference Records on July 29 2003. It was released between his two collaboration albums with Camu Tao (Nighthawks) (2002) and Tame One (rapper) (Waterworld) (2004) and features guest appearances from both.

Track listing

  1. "Intro"
  2. "Summer in Hell"
  3. "Leak Bros."
  4. "Come to Daddy"
  5. "Underground Rapstar"
    • Produced by Emz
  6. "Haterama"
    • Produced by Sebb
  7. "Weather People"
  8. "Fresh out the Morgue"
    • Produced by DJ Mighty Mi
  9. "Too Much (Remix)"

Extra Information

  • "Weatherpeople" uses the theme music from Suspiria.
  • "Haterama" is part one of a set of disses against Boston rapper Esoteric, which stemmed from problems with Esoteric and El-P. The last of this beef was El-P's eight minute single, "7700 Years To Date".
  • "Summer In Hell" was referred to by Daryl Palumbo on one of the many Head Automatica demos from 2004.
  • A verse from "Underground Rapstar" was first used on the Weathermen Mixtape (The Conspiracy), on the track "Every rapper in the house shut the fuck up".

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